Essay on The Importance Of College Education : Why It Is Important

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Students sometimes wonder, how important it is to attend higher education, benefits of attending higher education, and what is one of the best benefits find to be important? I won’t stop until I succeed on explaining; These benefits and the importance of a college education are important now more than ever; no matter how hard it is to assure college-aged students they need it in these current times. Some students in the world wonder why is it important to attend higher educations? Today, few students after graduations will go straight to low standard job with a minimal good pay grade, missing much bigger chances for a better career goal. In an Article by McGuire, Jeff. “Importance of College Education: Why it is important to go to college.” (March 2011) He states, “attending college provides opportunities for graduates which are not as widespread to those who have not received a higher education.” For when students miss opportunities, they would have to wait for another opportunity to open. Students who’ve reached college education have a greater chance of a high paying job that will become available to them like a Doctor, Vet, Cop, Firefighter, Business manager, etc. McGuire goes on to saying that students who obtain their college degree are also listening to experts in the field. What better way of learning college education than from a highly skilled professor, but some…

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