The Importance Of College Composition

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Looking and down and seeing that College Composition was a mandatory a little part of my brain shuts down. Writing has always been my worst subject, always a struggle. No matter how much I try each essay will either be really bad or sub par. After a semester of Intensive College Composition, I realized that I needed to have more confidence in my work. Also realizing that waiting to the last minute was not going to work, taking it step-by-step days before will have a better outcome. After my first couple of assignments I was scared to see how I was going to do in this class, but then I got my first essay back. Shocked by the grade even though it wasn’t that good, but it was the first time I got positive feedback from an essay. My professor …show more content…
As the writing process continues you on you slowly gain everything you need to begin your essay. I usually have everything highlighted and noted out of what I want to put it in my paper. I then laid out how I am going to use my sources. For my writing process essay my sources helped prove my points, but also contradict some of the things I knew were bad about my process. Research is needed to drive a complete essay with expectation of sources, through citations, and works cited. Learning about quote sandwiches, so that you don’t just throw a quote in the middle of a paragraph you need to introduce it. All great essay contain parts of other …show more content…
After being given a topic you write about what relates most to you, you have taken responsibility to complete an essay like this. Creating a thesis and all the points to justify the thesis. Everyone is offered to their opinion, but with that comes respect. During our superhero essay, I decided to write about the victims of sexual assault, a very sore subject for some people. This subject has to be taken and used carefully in the essay. But be careful not to plagiarize anything, properly formatting. Throughout this class when summarizing I tended to steal exact quotes not truly paraphrasing what the original text said. After learning my grades finally increased because I actually knew how to summarize rather than just copying the text. Format is important so that in the end you are not stealing other writer’s

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