Essay On Why I Want To Go To College

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College and Universities are terms that really mean an opportunity that not everyone has and everyone should. The first time I heard about college I only thought that only the most intelligent people go there. When I was interested in becoming a veterinarian in the second grade I decided that I need to work hard in order to be there. My parents told me not to worry because when I get older I’ll be able to make my own decision and that no matter what decision I make they will be proud of me. Now that I’m a freshman undergraduate, I believe in myself more and my family are really proud of me for not giving up. People who have the opportunity to go to a college or university deserve to go there. People should believe in themselves that they can …show more content…
The person can be in an economic crisis and that is due to the fact that their education wasn’t a great one. People need to realize that what the more people who go to college the economic gap decreases discussed by Leonhardt. Overall, education is very valuable for others as well as the individual. Although it may take a while, it would a great benefit for everyone and the ones who are in an economic crisis. Personally, when I get older the economic gap will be very important to me due to the type of career that I will have and the the benefits of my clients. Overall, the most educated the person is the more benefits one will receive and more our society will overcome this economic gap. To conclude, I believe that college is a smart financial decision for everyone because it provides a resource on many careers one can poses, the benefits of earning a college degree, and the difference on the economic gap. Based on Matthews and Leonhardt articles that I analyzed, one should go to college no matter what the consequences are. People who go to college will benefit this society and make a much greater difference than a high school

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