The Importance Of Cohesion Within The Police Force Essay examples

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Cohesion is defined as the act of forming a whole. What that means out in the real world is coming together with the people around you to form a united alliance. Whether it is with your family, friends, or coworkers, cohesiveness should be something that is strived for. We all want unity and need unity, especially in these hard times. Police need to stand together and have each others backs at all times because the job entails trust. After thinking about the idea of cohesiveness within the police force I came to the conclusion that there is both good and bad in having the department really close to one another.
If I had to say some things which I believe are good that stem from cohesion within the police force I would first have to start by mentioning the influence of veteran officers on rookie officers. Officers should listen to other officers whom do the best possible job and lead by example. What cohesion can do for officers is it can bring together those who have had their experience on the force with those who have not yet lived a full life as a police officer. Having that trust, that unity, between two entirely different officers can be helpful in keeping safe not only the officers but the community as well. Knowledge is power, and having an experience officer give advice to a younger officer is in a way giving that younger officer power. Power to do the right thing when any situation calls on it. Power to have to ability to control a situation. This type of…

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