The Importance Of Cognitive Psychology

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Register to read the introduction… Technology emerged which became a correlation to cognitive psychology. Scientists were able to study the human mind “in depth and to create cognitive models; tools for understanding how the brain processes information” (Thomas-Cottingham 2004, p. 50). Researchers have built models that were created to clarify the internal functioning of the brain. A popular theory in cognitive psychology was the information-processing model. This model emphasized that thought compromised multiple parts of the brain. This model compared the human mind to the functioning of a computer. A study conducted in 1968 by R.C. Atkinson and R.M. Shiffrin based their work on the information-processing model (Thomas-Cottingham, 2004). By utilizing this model, Atkinson and Shiffrin projected the three stages of …show more content…
Critics of behaviorism believed that the failure was to address factors such as free will, internal thoughts, and other methods of learning (Cherry, 2010). Behaviorists introduced the emphasis on scientific method, therefore, opening the door to cognitive psychology. According to Riegler & Riegler (2008) “the failure of the S-R approach, coupled with the promise and excitement generated by new theoretical approaches and new technologies, fueled what some have termed the cognitive revolution” (p. 23). Arguments from Karl Lashley and Noam Chomsky hit behaviorism hard. Cognitive psychology also enforced studies regarding the cognitive map, learning without reinforcement, and learning without responding (Riegler & Riegler, 2008). There are many beliefs as to why behaviorism fell from grace so to speak. Cognitive psychologists believed that the decline in behaviorism was due to not excepting a scientific approach of the mind. Overall, when cognitive psychology emerged, it introduced new perspectives and plausible explanations to how the human brain thinks. Behaviorism still exists within modern society, however, not as prominent as it once was. Behaviorism is involved “theorizing in current cognitive psychology” (Riegler & Riegler 2008, p.

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