The Importance Of Cognation In Venezuela

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Register to read the introduction… The herald Johani Carrera verbally expressed in El Siglo, ¨Leopoldo Benedetti, manager of Panama Free Zone, verbalized the debt is two billion dollars, once the Free Zone in 2012 exported 15 billion dollars, with 20% to Venezuela as a destination. Therefore, last year had engendered a bilateral commission studying the mechanisms of payment.¨ Now, Panama suffer this rupture in our cognation since the Venezuelan regime does not optate to pay us. The regime of Venezuela is too corrupt because even the heads of the country are purloining mazuma from their citizens. The debt of the country is because of lack of liquidity by the Venezuelans entrepreneurs. What can Panama do to amass that mazuma if even identically tantamount country is in trouble? The opposition party denounced the alleged abuse of the president when Maduro asked an enabling law. Citizens of Venezuela verbally express that this is the most corrupt regime in the history of Venezuela when prompted price controls and foreign exchange. Withal, the regime blocked the communication network to evade other people to ken about their situation. During the protest, Venezuelans authoritatively mandated the regime to cease the torture and repression. Panama hope that Venezuela can solve the quandary or it will lead to a major …show more content…
It is very consequential to understand that this illicit trade involves many parties, and as long as there are consumers inclined to buy drugs it will always subsist. Drug traffickers virtually always deals with mazuma, this gives them the desideratum of mazuma Laundering. Mazuma Laundering is the process of camouflaging sources of mazuma. Drug Traffickers have to make their “dirty” mazuma appear as “clean” mazuma. This is a profoundly and astronomically immense quandary in most of the countries.This Drug Trafficking and Mazuma Laundering quandary commenced long time ago with the Regime of Noriega. According to the Lilly Associates paper, in concern about some reason that influence on making investment perilous in Panama is that public safety remains a concern in Panama, with a spike in belligerent and property malefaction observed between 2007 and 2011. Panama’s murder rate more than doubled fueled by drug-cognate violence. Compared to the region, Panama is still relative safe with a murder rate 20% lower than Mexico and Brazil’s and only a third as many larcenies per capita as

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