Examples Of Objective Morality

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We all agree that raping children is bad. We all agree that the Holocaust is a bad thing that happened. We all assert it is wrong to do such things. These things imply an objective morality and that a code of ethics does exist and that we do follow them. Affirmation is something that we use to find ourselves and find each other. We affirm this objective morality. We are all linked together through these beliefs. It is a sense of comfort, sanity and having a sense of a law and order. There are texts that help readers address the idea of an objective morality and confirm our shared beliefs and values of a higher power all affect what we decide in our lives and how that impacts us as a society.
This “code of ethics” all leads back to why and
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In He’ll Do To Ride the River With, by Glen Enloe, he writes, “but it’s the thing (a code of ethics) that we all know best” (1). Saying “we all,” (1) shows us how it 's something that is done as a group and as a society and this helps with the feeling of comfort and sanity. This text relates these ethical codes to our daily lives and proves the relationship that we have with making choices every second of our lives. Everything is related. Everything has a way of circling back and being a choice and the text allows us to understand that when it discusses “treating others” (8) a certain way and how that is reasoned from this code of ethics. This linking is a part of humanity and it keeps us from feeling alone in the world. In We are by Shane Engisch, it 's “our reality” (1) that impacts the world and people 's choice. “We 're always asking who made us and what goes beyond the stars” (3). This sentence is an example of the world being a whole and the poem is suggesting that this “we” (3) is the whole human race and it 's something everyone believes and questions. This helps support the deism factor of having a higher power with it being “beyond the stars” (3). Having this statement supports the idea of the higher power not being a part of us, but something bigger and maybe even better because of …show more content…
Law and order is the obedience to the rules of a society and that 's what all of this is. An objective morality, feeling of comfort and affirmation within ourselves is law and order. “Some call it (code of ethics) just a handshake” (Enloe.3). This quote is referring this big, scary, choice-picking thing that everyone sees as big and tall, has been worded as a small handshake, and has been brought down to ground level. With the thought of this higher power being so forceful, people can be overwhelmed with it but, when it 's brought down to the level we are at, it’s easier to face and understand. This text helps deism, and this belief of a higher power seem less scary and more of an experience through life and making choices. In The World Is Too Much With Us by William Wordsworth, “we are out of tune” (8) is describing us as a society because in the poem it’s said that we have lost our connection with God. This is such a major line in the poem because the links have been removed and it simplifies it down to us as a society being heartless when we “give our hearts away” (4) and “wast[ing] our powers” all suggest that without this higher power and objective morality, we are no longer under this law and order, we are a mess. This loss of belief and morals all concludes to such a negative outcome when

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