The Importance Of Climate Change

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Jalyn Prewitt
HON 100 (Seminar)

A higher power, whether of spirit or of nature, gifted all organisms one ever-changing opportunity to live a life fulfilled. This one opportunity provides every being with protection, sustainability, and growth. This single opportunity possesses the only known sources of life for galaxies around. This lone opportunity is our earth. Our earth has given us the resources needed to survive on essentially a floating incubator—providing all its inhabitants with warmth and resources to grow into our specified crafts. As of now, for years actually, our earth is under attack. Not by outside forces of massive meteors or alien life forms, but from the very beings it was designed to protect—its inhabitants. By design,
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The UNFCCC Conference in 2015 must enforce climate change policy, but it also needs to be unique. Unique in the fact that it represents each of the member states plans and takes notes of their individual needs. Without some individualization of this new protocol, the entirety of the document will most likely fail due to too much restraint on a varying dynamic of cultures, economies, and social organization. Coming to a consensus about climate change will take compromise of the upmost complexity. Even with this daunting task set before us, there is much positivity with successfully completing this task. So much positivity exists because each nation is experiencing some negative affect caused by anthropogenic climate change. Between rising sea levels forcing mass migration of people to higher ground in the island nations to warmer temperatures uprooting an active storm season in parts of the United States of America, each representative has motivation to create mitigation and adaptation policy for the globe and their respective countries. As the representative of Ethiopia for this UNFCCC conference, I know the greatest challenge will be in keeping our growing, but agriculturally-driven, economy nurtured, while also participating in lowering anthropogenic …show more content…
Along with decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, Ethiopia plans to also propose ideas with the intent on increasing adaptive measures and motivating ideas of mitigation—if mitigation is even a viable option anymore. Our first proposal has involves the increase of climate-friendly technological investment in our

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