Why Is Listening To Classical Music Important?

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Classical music has been around since the 11th century and is a growing art in the music world today. In that century, composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, and many more would have never thought that their music would have played a large role in the 21st century. For years now, researchers have wondered what effects come from listening to classical music and many have found that listening to classical music is beneficial in education while helping improve memory, learning and intelligence. “But much more than learning Mozart or Beethoven happens. Lives are transformed as many of the students find their way out of poverty, stay in school longer, and begin careers” (Lamb). Students now days have a hard time with academics especially with growing distractions such as technology. We should take a step back and focus on the simple …show more content…
“When studying, writing, or reading, play instrumental music to sustain concentration” (Lucas). This is beneficial during final exam week when it’s almost midnight and we’re on our third coffee. We all know what that is like. Concentration is an important factor when learning new things or studying. If we lose our concentration then it will take longer to learn something new and there is a greater chance of falling behind. Listening to classical music also helps with memory, which is something a few of us rely on while we are cramming those last few notes into our brain before the exam. Participation and interaction are influenced by classical music as well. There is a calm environment that is created which allows students to feel comfortable with each other and participate more in classroom activities. When you put together concentration, memory and a relaxing environment, students are sure to excel in anything the teacher throws at them. Even pop

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