The Importance Of Civility In 12 Angry Men

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Civility will encourage your opponents to keep listening to you.

The play Twelve Angry Men shows that civility is important. By the end of the play, the jurors were willing to listen to the people who were the most rational. Juror 8 calmly took the others' ideas into account, which swayed the jury to favor not guilty. At first, the jury thinks the boy is guilty, but Juror 8 used relaxed tactics to change their minds. One of the last jurors to change his mind was Juror 3. In the beginning, he seemed unconvinced, but eventually, he Juror 8’s point unravel his prejudice. In addition, because of Juror 8’s civility, many jurors respected him. Juror 9 was one of the first jurors to show respect for Juror 8. Before the second vote, Juror 9 says “It takes a great deal of courage to stand alone even when you believe in something very strongly” (Rose and Sergel 28). For example, the jury ignores Juror 3 because of his inconsideration towards them. Finally, by the end of the play, many jurors stopped listening to the men who were not civil. In fact, Juror 3 repeatedly accused many jurors of lying, which is where he lost the other’s vote. Juror 8’s calm nature favored the jury's attention.
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The jury judged the accused of living in the slums, looking like a killer, and being old enough to murder someone. Throughout the play, Jurors 3 and 10 constantly refer to what people of the accused’s “kind” do. For example, he says, “You’re not going to tell us that we’re supposed to believe him, knowing what he is. I’ve lived among ‘em all my life. You can’t believe a word they say” (Rose and Sergel 16). This statement proves that he has based his decision on people who live in the “slums” as reckless and untruthful. It wasn’t until Juror 8 had played out the scenarios that the other jurors could eliminate their decision based on

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