Christianity Monotheistic Essay

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Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all considered monotheistic religions. One could argue that Christianity is possible a polytheistic religion. It is not well known that Christianity was at one time considered polytheistic, with a belief in many Gods and Goddesses. As Christianity grew throughout history it has become monotheistic. I would consider Christianity as an evolving, revealed religion, that has grown and changes throughout history. Muslims and Jews have always only worshiped God, with Jesus and Muhammad as prophets and teachers of God. Whereas some Christians view God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost as part of the Godhead, with God at the center. This is called the Trinity within the Catholic and Christian religion, there are several …show more content…
Christianity throughout history has changed, ever evolving, and developing into a wide variety of Christian sects throughout the world. Scholars tend to pick apart the differences and changes that have occurred throughout history to discredit and undermined the importance of the Christian religion. Scholars look at details with a fine tooth comb looking for discrepancies within the Christian religion. There will always be discrepancies for the shear fact that those writing and interpreting the early scriptures did so from different viewpoints and translational understandings. There have been several documented cases of Christian and Catholic leaders throughout the history that have made costly mistakes that have reflected gravely on how both Christians and Catholics are viewed around the world. It seems that during the development of Christianity several parts have been left out or deliberately misinterpreted because religious leaders of the time didn’t hold these views as important, are saw them as destructive to the religion. From the view of the believer, one has to ponder, pray, and ask God for yourself what is right and how one should act according to culture, tradition, ethics, and religion. Believers do not doubt, place blame on others, or look for reasons to that might interfere with what they believe. They believe in God as

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