Movie Case For Christian Faith And Resurrection

Do you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again on the third day after his death according to the scriptures? This mystery that occured in the early first century A.D. is the kindle of a flame that is Christianity today. Christianity, by atheists, is seen as a religion that is false and one where the followers are mindlessly following a God that isn't real. Some have even gone far enough attempt to find all the evidence in the world to disprove the resurrection and ultimately destroy the Christian faith. Many have walked down this path but none return the same as they were before. This can be said for a man named Lee Strobel for he too has walked this path and returned a different man. The events of his journey are recorded …show more content…
Lee is also an Atheist, someone who solely believes in facts and what he can see, touch, and feel. He is married to Leslie Strobel and has a daughter named Alison. One day while celebrating Lee’s promotion his daughter Alison almost chokes to death on a gumball, but is saved by a nurse named Alfie who was dining at the same restaurant. Alfie dedicates her being at the restaurant not to chance but to God. While thanking Alfie Lee avoids all conversations about God, but Leslie embraces the idea of God that Lee is trying to suppress. To avoid all other conversations about God and Christianity Lee leaves the restaurant and forces Leslie to leave as well. Wanting to know more about Christianity and God, Leslie visits Alfie at the hospital she works at to thank her again for saving Alison’s life. In light of the spark of interest about God in Leslie’s life, Alfie invites Leslie to her church and Leslie’s world is changed and will never be the same. Leslie is grasped by the revelation of God that she finds at church, and wants Jesus in her life. Lee, who is a pompous and pride man detests the fact that Leslie went to church and wants Jesus in her life. Lee goes to Ray, his father figure, who is also an atheist and has a daughter that went through the same revelation that Leslie is going through. Rey gives Lee the idea of disproving Christianity to stop Leslie from going down that path. Not knowing where to start Lee asks a co-worker where to start since he is a Christian. The co - worker tells Lee that Christianity would be a house of cards if he could disprove the resurrection of Jesus. This caused Lee to go on a long journey that leads him to a defender of Christianity that uses facts and tells Lee that the accounts of seeing the risen Lord weren’t made up, a priest that has historical texts of the Bible that date back to the time of Jesus, a psychiatrist that proves to Lee that

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