The Importance Of Christianity By Lee Strobel

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Do you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again on the third day after his death according to the scriptures? This mystery that occured in the early first century A.D. is the kindle of a flame that is Christianity today. Christianity, by atheists, is seen as a religion that is false and one where the followers are mindlessly following a God that isn't real. Some have even gone far enough attempt to find all the evidence in the world to disprove the resurrection and ultimately destroy the Christian faith. Many have walked down this path but none return the same as they were before. This can be said for a man named Lee Strobel for he too has walked this path and returned a different man. The events of his journey are recorded …show more content…
Acceptance is shown more towards the end of the movie where Lee finally accepts the fact that he can’t disprove the resurrection and therefore can’t retract Leslie’s conversion to Christianity. The evidence is so overwhelming that Lee himself converts to Christianity. The reason why this is so Important to the story is because it shows that Lee is rational enough to see that enough evidence it enough evidence. It also shows that Lee accepts when he has been defeated and is not hard headed enough to go against the evidence. A path that many before him have walked and never returned from the same, is the same fate that Lee has undergone. However this change in Lee came with a heavy price for Leslie. Leslie had to endure many drunken rage nights from Lee and verbal prejudice, she was probably the strongest one in the movie. The patience that Leslie produced in hopes that Lee’s heart of stone would change into a heart of flesh by the power of God eventually paid off and with a overwhelming profit. She stuck with Lee even though he didn’t want to stay with her. Lee did try to show compassion to Leslie on a date night with dinner and dancing. This date night ended in a heartbreaking argument where true emotions were shown between Lee and Leslie. Lee’s anger toward Leslie’s conversion made him say that if Leslie was still devoted to Christianity a year or two down the line that he wouldn’t be sure if he could still be there for her at all. I feel that if Leslie was anyone else she would take that as a sign to leave Lee, but she kept on praying for Lee and giving him patience and compassion in hopes of a revelation in him. Lee’s determination to disprove the resurrection ultimately led him to Christianity which is pretty anticlimactic, but I think it shows that anyone can change if they accept

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