Positive Mentoring

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Over the years, children have been forced into sports or other activities at an early age. Overbearing parents are motivated by their own self interests and concerns when putting their children into certain activities. Pressure and commitment placed on children by their parents may cause hatred to grow in the relationship. Parents should strive to be the best parents they can by becoming mentors for their children. It is important for a child to have a parent in their life that they love and respect. Placing children in environments that deny the ability to prosper will cause them to develop self-doubt. This can make or break a child while growing up. To avoid this from happening, parents need to take a step back and let their child do what makes them happy. Positive mentoring plays a huge role in a child’s future. It is the responsibility of parents to push their children in the right direction and …show more content…
One in this case believes that it is the “parent’s moral obligation to ensure physical activity for their children.” When it comes to learning lessons about “teamwork, dedication, and dealing with success and failures” one should take a different approach, instead of forcing their children into sports. “My parents taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be” is something that every child should be able to say when they grow up. Parents need to strive by looking for the strengths and weaknesses in their children. By knowing what those things are the parent will be able to push their child in the right direction. Knowing what one’s child is good at can help one assist their child in joining an activity they can excel in. Being a part of a program in which one enjoys will avoid resentment from being built up in the child’s relationship towards their parent and help the line of communication to remain

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