The Importance Of Childlessness In Macbeth

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As the former president of South Africa said, “there can be no keener revelation of a society 's soul than the way in which it treats its children” (Mandela). Nelson Mandela said this during the launch of his Children’s foundation, which helps support grief stricken children in Africa. He started this foundation in order to protect and benefit children so that the next generation will be better than the last. Society presents innumerable amount ideas and morals that influence children, and that shape the very essence of who children will become as they mature. This has served factual through history where parents and mentors efforts to raise them shape an adult’s character and morality. This child parent relationship occurs in in Shakespeare’s …show more content…
Despite the death of Macduff’s children Macduff is still a moral character due to the fact that Macduff’s “babes (were)/ savagely slaughtered’d” (IV.iii.204-205) Macduff still prevails as a moral character throughout the novel. Macduff quest to save his country remains a morally just one. Further more according to Jorgensen Macbeth’s slaughtering of Macduff’s children plays merely as “ a penalty for helping to save his country” (Jorgensen 105). The slaughter of Macduff’s children serves as a penalty that Macduff must sacrifice in order to save Scotland from the oppressive reign of Macbeth. More importantly Shakespeare uses the slaughter of Macduff’s children to demonstrate how Macbeth’s immorality justifies Macduff slaying of Macbeth. Hence Shakespeare uses the slaughter of Macduff’s children to show Macduff servers as a moral character in Macbeth, and his slaying of Macbeth is morally justified. Finally when Macduff achieves his revenge against Macbeth he states “I have no words, / my voice/ is in my sword, thou bloodier villain/ than terms can give thee out” (V.viii.6-8). This statement shows Macduff’s morality because he does not attempt to gain any unfair advantages against Macbeth. Instead he simply states that his sword will do the talking because Macbeth is too evil and immoral for words. To conclude Shakespeare uses the gift and slaughter of children to show Macduff stands as a moral character in his actions throughout the

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