The Importance Of Childhood Obesity

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Obesity was rarely a topic of focus in the past, but it is at the forefront in today’s discussion as childhood obesity becomes an epidemic throughout the states. As times change, so do the types of entertainment that took children away from activities that keep them in shape and physically fit. The elders in my community as children used to walk or ride their bikes to and from school. They used to enjoy recess and were active during gym class. After school they used to spend more time outside playing with friends. They also enjoyed home meals their parents more than foods from fast food chains. For many of our children, walking or riding a bicycle to and from school is replaced by buses and parent drivers. Many districts are overwhelmed and …show more content…
Parents, our government leaders at all levels, schools, health care providers, and even the fast food chains have to be involved in reducing child obesity and saving our young generations. According to Lueka, “factors such as larger portion sizes, high-fat food consumption, sedentary lifestyles, and genetic predispositions contribute to childhood obesity” (Lueka, 2011). From national point, Michelle Obama started the "eat healthy in schools" campaign, which is why our local school’s menus has changed. Schools in our area adopted Mrs. Obama’s changes to the fruits, vegetables, and the limit of sodium, and sugar consumptions. These changes made their way to our local schools, but not in full desire and this is an opportunity for school leaders to embrace and strengthen it. This is also an opportunity for parents to start implementing at their homes so it can a cooperative effort at all levels. Mrs. Obama and our local leaders are campaigning constantly to make physical activities and healthy foods as the key for living a healthy lifestyle but they lack the full support from all levels. It is true that physical activities along with healthy eating can prevent obesity and many chronic diseases that are awaiting our children if changes are not implemented. It is also true that physical activities and healthy eating help to control weight, reduce fat, and decrease the risk of obesity. …show more content…
Parents should be educated about healthy choices, and healthier foods should be available wherever kids are present. It is baffling that junk foods are cheap and the healthy foods in our local grocery stores are expensive. This might be why many local income parents settle for fast food chains than to the grocery stores. There should also be programs that support physical activities, and the use of technology related should be in moderation in our households. The obesity epidemics will continue to escalate if our leaders at every level do not step up. With the rapid developments of technology, the more our children will continue sitting rather than moving or walking. Time spent on computers, video games, movies, and television shows are on the rise than ever. It is important for the parents, who are the first teachers to understand that the habits of healthy lifestyle starts at home where parents are the role models. Every parent and guardian should know that lack of physical activity associates with the ongoing surge in obesity. Working with our local schools and involving our kids in physical activities along with extracurricular sport is associated with increased academic success which also leads to physical wellbeing. Parent supporting their local schools may alleviate some of the pressures that they are facing and this may also start the discussion of more gym classes. Hopefully

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