The Importance Of Child Protective Services

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Register to read the introduction… Child protective Services are the agency that is mandated by law to conduct an initial assessment or investigation of reports of child abuse and neglect. This agency does not work alone it involves communities, law enforcement officers, different health care providers, mental health professionals, educators, legal and court system personnel and substitute care providers are all involved to help prevent ,identify, investigate, and treat the abuse and neglect of children ( Another way that can be recommended in improving child abuse and neglect is to the utilization of community services. To be effective in improving the prevention of child abuse and neglect social support needs to be integrated with community services such as, social skill training, home based family intervention and awareness, emergency assistance, parenting educations, and intensive therapy. Contracting with community based services will aid in the needs of children and families in their own neighborhoods that are experiencing child abuse and neglect and reduce time and burden to families in need from traveling long distance to receive needed services

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