The Importance Of Child Maltreatment

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Child Maltreatment
About 686,000 children were victims of child abuse in 2012. Of those children, 1,640 died from the abuse. 70% of the victims were under the age of three. This is shocking and heartbreaking to me. I can’t believe that this many innocent children are going through abuse and neglect and that most of them are experiencing it by their parents. 80% of perpetrators are the child’s parents and 6.1% are other relatives. I can’t imagine what distrust and emotion hurt an abused child must feel. In 2012, there were 3.4 million referrals regarding child abuse. That’s 1 in 4 children. 78% of those were neglect, 18% physical abuse, 9% sexual, and the other 11% other abuse such as emotional or threats of abuse. What’s craziest to me about
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There are several ways to prevent child abuse. Promoting child and family well being in schools and communities. This is done by offering programs and resources for parents to learn about marriage and parenthood strategies. Public awareness of the issue and creating safe, supportive communities. I mentioned earlier that children in a family that doesn’t have friends or family nearby puts them at higher risk for abuse, so creating an aware and involved community can help prevent it. There are also a lot of prevention programs for parents. Educating them about the importance of child development, how to parent using appropriate discipline and communication skills, and providing social …show more content…
Like I said earlier, it’s awful to think about how many children are experiencing abuse and no one knows. I think some ways that I can personally help prevent it is by promoting public awareness. I can do this simply by sharing the knowledge I learned this week with friends and family, or by sharing information on social media. I think even just by knowing all of the statistics, I now know what to look for and I can keep an eye out for it in families that I know. My personal responsibility is to be well informed and to report anything that I see or suspect. Now that I know just how common it is, I can be more aware. Sometimes we tend to think that we are overreacting or being overly dramatic if we are suspicious of things like this, but now that I know how common it is, I won’t ever hesitate to protect the

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