Why Is Stoichiometry So Important For Chemical Engineering?

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. How do chemical engineers contribute to the fashion industry?
● Chemical engineers always try to make clothing softer, stronger, and more comfortable. In order to achieve this goal, the engineer will have to find ways to dye, coat, blend, or invent materials both naturally and synthetically through textile chemistry. Eventually they will find the perfect combination to reach their goal.
2. Explain the concept of stoichiometry.
● Stoichiometry is the 5th chemical engineering principle. Stoichiometry is the mathematical understanding of how two materials relate to each other and the specifics of their reactions used to increase knowledge. The literal definition of this term is “measured element”. In simpler terms, it is the law of measurement conversions. If something is 3 feet then it has to also be 36 inches based on the mathematical terms
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For example, society needs medications that are safer and more affordable. In order to solve this problem chemical engineers will have to work with chemicals and biological material to create lasting therapies for people. This will result in the improvement of human life and medications. Finding these chemicals require a high level of intelligence. If there is a mistake, the consequences can be severe since this can only be tested on people.
2. Why is stoichiometry so important for chemical engineering?
● Stoichiometry is important for chemical engineering because it tells engineers how materials interact, react, and play off of one another. According to Brainhoney.com, “This relationship can tell a chemical engineer if, for example, two materials can be blended to create a new synthetic for clothing.” Stoichiometry can be useful for bonding purposes and many other things.
3. Do you think consumers would notice if process control standards were not met? Explain using an

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