Why Is Academic Dishonesty Wrong

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Cheating; we have always been told since we were children that it is wrong, but how many of us will listen. Some students will cheat through most of their education. The purpose of this paper is to gain more information on academic dishonesty within colleges, along with the disciplinary actions that follow.
Some people may wonder why students will cheat, and plagiarize papers. Kumar Jagadesh explains in his article, “ Increased competition to get better grades and a skewed shift in our focus from the joy of learning.” (Jagadesh). Jagadesh points out students are cheating is for the sol purpose of trying to maintain a high grade, and having less stress of the “competition” amongst students. Also the focus of learning and enjoying learning has
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Some students may get away with it during class, but are still to blame as “influencers” to youth. Students are academically dishonest for multiple reasons, how they cheat is done in many different ways, and the effect it has is no different than the rest. Academic dishonesty is something that can not be controlled within a few days or weeks; it would have to take years to find a proper solution to minimize.

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