Old Person Development

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Everyone changes and is different with each breath he or she takes. Sometimes it goes unnoticed, or maybe only realized by friends and family members who are only seen a couple times a year. I think oftentimes, those are the people who notice change the most in people. Similarly, if growth is sought out in one particular area, and it is not measured in time, distance, or any other kind of units, that individual will not see the personal growth; especially if it is in style or character. But everyone knows they have changed from an earlier time in his or her past. However, this is because this said individual took a look back at once was and realized just how great this growth or change is. In my case, I have grown very much so as a writer. …show more content…
Using he or she, one, they, and other pronouns are one that many growing writers like myself struggle with. One of the rules of formal writing is that “you” may not be used in the paper; therefore, another noun or pronoun must be used. Finding that perfect noun is difficult when you want to mention it more than once because now you have to watch out for repetition. One also has to watch for repetition in sentence length. Making sentences different lengths without creating run-ons is a tough task and semicolons, colons, comas, and ellipses can either make it more difficult or give one tools to be creative. As for me, these tools make it more difficult for me and I have a hard time grasping the idea on how to use them, but growth has definitely been seen. Another tool that can be used is quotes, and with quotes come citations. Over the year I have learned how to block quotes, quote an entire letter, and my understanding on in-text citations has grown significantly. Back in November I wrote “A Year’s Passing”, it included a letter I had written a year earlier to Pocahontas. At the time, I hadn’t been taught how to quote such big blocks of texts, so I did some Google searches, found little help, and gave it my best shot. Turned out, I did it correctly. Back in the beginning of junior year, I thought that when one included a quote in a paper, it should be in quotation marks and italicized- I’ve came a long

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