The Importance Of Censorship On The Internet

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The debate over whether governments should carry out censorship has grown more contentious. Cultural development, entertainment and other aspects are actively or negatively influenced by large amounts of uncontrolled information. The question is whether the government should set up censorship to the public. Development of the Internet has given rise to the information explosion, so that people can add and read any information on the Internet, and watch various videos. However, it has become controversial, as there is represented on the Internet and other media and that this violence negatively influences viewers, especially children. Some of people think that there should be significant limits to people, such as children can post and view. …show more content…
Some people believe that people have the right to choose different information, such as pornography. For instance, in the American Constitution, it states that opinions and judgements should be freely expressed. It means that people have the freedom to decide what kinds of information they want to read (Volokh, 2005). However, content with pornography has occupied a large part on the Internet, so the information would spread to more people who are not suitable age to view these and potentially harmed, such as sexual crime and sexual precocity. People, especially children access information with sexual images on the Internet could be negatively influenced by implied messages including sexual language. Children do not have right resolution capability to sexual content, so that they could form false values of genders. According to a study about children’s use of the Internet reported by The Kaiser Family Foundation, the report shows that 59% of informants think that pornography information on the Internet will encourage children to have sex before legal age (Flores, n.d.). However, objects and appropriate information is a foundation for people’s rights, including children. For example, how can children recognize what is sex and what is relationship between genders. In their age, they tend to explore these things as …show more content…
When children access the internet in a safe and public environments, the internet can become their beneficial friend. Children can learn things by themselves, using the Internet. For example, a study shows that the internet can positively affect children’s early mathematic, oral and cognitive ability (Bremer, 2005). The study shows that children who can freely access the internet without their parents have deeper faculty of understanding for new knowledge than children who cannot access the internet (Bremer, 2005). However, it is dangerous for children who can freely access adult content or violent content. It can lead to sexual and other crimes, without correct and proper guidance. For instance, 44% of American people who is aged under 16 browsed pornographic information, through later research, juvenile delinquency is partly due to watching the information. However, governments, parents and schools do not need to put up censorship; children confronted with censorship will desperately tend to explore what is behind

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