Cell Phone Safety Research Paper

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Cell phones are one of the most favored technologies in this world. Dating back all the way to 1983, the first handheld cellphone was invented. This cell phone allowed you to talk for only one and a half hours until you would have to charge it again. They were invented because of the value people put on communication, safety, and technology. Today, cell phones are greatly different from the first one, providing you with more features that allow you to do different tasks through a screen. Cell phones have had an advantageous influence on the world and society. It has been known for its capability to allow you to constantly communicate with others, keep you safe, and provide you with many technological abilities that are useful in today’s world. …show more content…
Safety is one of the most principal priorities numerous people are alert to. It is another prime reason people purchase cell phones. As stated in the essay, Cell Phones, “Cell phones enable many people to feel safe through being connected.” Being connected with significant others ensures each other that they are safe, and in case of an emergency, you could always contact them. There are plenty of news and information of people in danger, such as abduction or even murder. These events are extremely hazardous and owning a cell phone can protect you and others around. This information on the news promotes people to purchase a cell phone for safety reasons. For instance, if you were abducted, the cell phone provides you with the ability to contact emergency quickly to help you, or if you are experiencing a medical emergency, contacting the hospital with your cell phone can ensure safety before it is too late. Another example is if you witnessed a crime, you can contact emergency and inform about the details and information you have observed, helping the police and deputies arrive as soon as possible can guarantee safety for anyone in danger. Many parents provide their children with cell phones to ensure safety and keep in touch with their kids when they are not together. The cell phone is a great way to prepare you in this case of an emergency and it …show more content…
The possession of a cell phone comes from many different reasons, such as communication, safety, and technological. This device has many uses to it, whether it is for entertainment purposes or safety reasons. Without cell phones, it would be very hard to complete certain tasks, such as contacting someone, finding direction, or seeking emergency. Cell phones have been known to bring many benefits to this world and made it more effortless for people with their everyday lives and tasks. As stated in the informational essay, Cell Phones, “Cell phones are of great importance to today 's society. They accurately demonstrate the values and priorities that drive our culture to be the way it is.” People’s priorities influence vastly on the technology they have today, whether it is to communicate with others or ensure safety all around. Cell phones today are updated rapidly to provide people with new, innovative features that ensure them with their basic needs and

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