Why Cell Phones Should Be Banned In Schools

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America has been proven to be the largest country in the world and when i mean large, I mean obese. Scientists have studied that Americans do not get as much physical activity as they should be. It is important that kids get at least an hour of physical activity a day. In today’s world, it is especially important to make sure kids go outside because cell phones are being passed down to young kids who then get adapted to their phones. They get so adapted that they do not even want to see the sunlight anymore. The more time they spend on their cell phones, the less time they will get any physical activity because they want to see who texted them or what is going on with their best friends. Luckily, elementary schools are very strict when it comes …show more content…
They are a distraction to the learning environment and have taken a turn with the way kids should be learning nowadays. Kids should be doing their homework and studying for tests that are coming up but instead, they are on social media. Elementary schools are stricter because if they catch a student with their phone out, they will get it taken away for the day and have a parent pick it up. High schools are not as strict but will still take it away if they see it out a couple times during class. Teachers’ goals are to help students succeed and pursue their dreams on what they want to do with their lives and phones have blocked minds from doing that. Colleges are way less strict and do not even care if students are on their phones. There are very few teachers who care and will make them put it away, however, most teachers just let it happen because in the end, it is the student’s education and they paid for the class. When I was in high school, students in my class never did their homework and copied from each other and then when they had a test, they would cheat with their phones to look up answers or use calculators. It is a cheat guide to helping students succeed when they can’t get too far in life with just their cell phones. Doctors and nurses can’t save someones life with their cell phones and teachers can’t teach with a cell phone distracting them, so why is it ok for students to have cell phones out in class when they should be learning? It’s not and luckily there are strict teachers who ban cell phones from classrooms. It amazes me how kids can still pass a class without paying attention and not learning the material they should be. In the end, students are only hurting their education because they are not paying attention to what they should be and focusing on their cell phones. I’m dumbfounded that kids care so much more for what is going on with social media and texting than their own

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