Celie The Color Purple Analysis

Purple symbolizes something much deeper than a color in this novel, bringing a rich meaning to Celie’s character finally showing her she had a purpose in life. Shug proves to be the powerful influential voice Celie needs in order to see herself as worthy of love and strength to speak against others, their friendship is the color purple for her because it finally gives Celie a positive outlook and sense of belonging in life. Celie first begins to pay attention to the bold purple colors surrounding her when she was explaining how God pleases everyone back through small things, “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it” (Walker 203). Celie never took into consideration all the small gifts God has given her that she has yet to notice, it was at this moment in the book she realized all of the wonderful things she never appreciated because she was blinded by her own misery. …show more content…
Celie writes to God for a majority of the novel out of her own despair instead of hope, through conversations with Shug she begins believing in herself and nature and discovers divinity comes from self development and celebration of everything around her. When she accepts that God is everywhere and can be depicted as anything she desires instead of a white man it pleases her, “Celie also comes to believe that joy can come even to her; she learns to celebrate life’s pleasures, including the color purple” (Slomski). Purple becomes meaningful to Celie after she understands all the blessings she has received unnoticed, whether it was the portrayal of God, her sexuality, the strong roles women played in her life or just the discovery and acceptance of her own

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