The Importance Of Cassowary In The Cassforest

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Register to read the introduction… The Wet Tropics Management Authority reported that in 2002, "population numbers of the Southern Cassowary...appear to be in decline with estimates of fewer than 1,500 adult cassowaries remaining in the Wet Tropics bioregion. Cassowary conservation is vital as they play an essential role in sustaining a functioning forest ecosystem."

Twelve bird species, including the Macleay's and Bridled Honeyeaters, Pied Monarch and Victoria's Riflebird are found only in Australia. Other birds in the Daintree are the Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher, Little Kingfisher and several other Kingfisher species, the Great-billed Heron, Black Bittern, Lovely Fairy-wren, Fruit pigeons, Mangrove Robin, Double-eyed Fig Parrot and Red-necked Crake.
Reptiles and Amphibians
Daintree reptiles include geckoes, skinks, turtles and snakes. The tiny Thornton Peak skink lives only on the rainforest's Thornton Range and feeds on insects and leaf litter. The large salt-water crocodile grows to six meters or almost 20 feet long and lives in the swamps, estuaries and beaches of the coastal rainforest.

Most snakes that live in the Daintree are venomous, including the death adder, the Taipan and the Amethystine python, the largest Australian python that grows to nearly 23 feet long and eats warm-blooded animals it kills by
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The Idiot Fruit, one of the rarest primitive flowering plants was discovered 1970 in the Daintree Rainforest. Thirteen different types of rainforest vegetation have been identified in the Daintree. The rainforest has coastal plain forests, middle altitude forests and montane forests with heath-like vegetation on the mountaintops.

Mangrove forests along the mouth of the creeks and rivers have the highest species diversity of any estuarine habitat in Australia

The most common forests in the Daintree are mesophyll and complex mesophyll vine forests, which have plants with large leaves and a large variety of life forms, such as orchids, ferns, buttressed tree roots and multiple layers of vegetation.

A very rare and unusual plant, Austrobaileya scandens, is found only in the Daintree rainforest. It is the oldest flowering plant in Australia that requires pollination. It evolved before butterflies and bees, so its waxy flowers that release a rotting fish smell attract beetles that serve as

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