Early American Literature Essay

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The New World was a land observed as a place with unusual things and unusual people waiting to be discovered. Early American literature authors wrote about events they lived through with a bit of an overdramatic flair on trying to create an attention-grabbing performance. Captive narratives were popular amongst colonists due and to continue to maintain their faith despite how challenging the situation may be, and is also the type of story two out of three of the authors will be reviewed under. In this paper, my classmates will be informed by the variety of experiences the writers had upon interacting with Native Americans within their works whether they were pleasant or not through literary devices such as imagery, characterization, and theme. …show more content…
Mary Rowlandson repeatedly describes the Native Americans as savages because she. (Frizzoli) Both Rowlandson and Smith use religion within their passages to relate to their readers but in different ways. Religion was a strong theme in Rowlandson’s book as she displayed the Indians as the ‘devil’s children’ and God’s enemy. During most of her captivity she related her time with them as being in hell because there was nothing civilized or god-like about the indigenous people and she viewed their dark skin tone as demon-like and shouting as a call to the devil, “Oh the roaring, and singing and danceing, and yelling of those black creatures in the night, which made the place a lively resemblance of hell.” (Rowlandson 121) Savagery is another theme used where in The Seventh Remove she becomes kind of a hypocrite after she is given food after some time and scarfs down the raw meat yet before she continuously made remarks against the natives and how animalistic they were eating uncooked meats. This is what made her realize that she and the Indians are not so different from each other but are the same species as her; human. No matter what kind of proper behavior she wanted to keep as a white woman, in order to survive she had to conform to the same behavior as the Indians to

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