Capitalism In The Workplace

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Work culture has evolved very recently and a new phenomenon that has been developed is the concept of a job. A job is no longer a worthwhile, fruitful, enjoyable task in which one is paid for, now the vision that remains of a job is a crude sustained paid position of regular employment. Capitalism fuels peoples’ beliefs in the existentiality of jobs within our society. Employment for a company or individual and salaries and debt are all a direct cause of the industrial revolution. Many Americans have shared their job experiences and have come to a conclusion that capitalism’s only reward as said by Tom Hodgkinson “is misery, penury and resentment”(16). True happiness in labor is found when doing jobs at one’s pace without having a deadline for everything, the American motto “time is money” should be nonexistent. …show more content…
This is because we have had this idea implemented into our heads that we need a job and that that is the only real solution to happiness. Which is true to an extent, we love our possessions and wish to obtain more, but at the price of a cycle. The never-ending cycle of capitalism that “solves” our problems. As detailed by Tom Hodgkinson, “the terrible irony is that when our current job turns out to provide neither much money nor much fun, we think we can solve the problem by getting a better job… endless cycle a miserable set-up”(16). By doing this we obtain a job and earn money and are tempted by the luxurious things we cannot afford and therefore get in debt forcing us to remain in our

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