Bourgeoisie Vs Proletariat

Society is made up of groups of people that live in a structured lifestyle where they live by rules and regulations. The structure of society is made to keep balance among the people and their economy. Individuals living under the control of the government keep society in place. Within society there is class structure that divides the people. The bourgeoisie and the proletariat are two types of class status which are distinguished depending on their economic status in society. In the reading Rebel Cities, capitalism and the monopoly effect are described and explained in how they play a role in society. In order to analyze society and its function capitalism and the monopoly effect needs to be understood and how individuals view it.
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The concept of capitalism plays a negative role in the proletariats lives because they are limited, exploited, and alienated. The poor people struggle to be able to fit in the norms of these rich people entrapping them to fail because they are not at the same level. Therefore, capitalism harms their lives because the proletariats fall into the trap of trying to live just like the bourgeoisie. For example, big corporations target rich people with specific name brands to target rich people to buy their products. The proletariats are also intentionally targeted into buying these specific name brand products that are expensive. Therefore, you have all these rich and poor buying expensive brands that maybe the poor cannot afford. Corporations do this because they know that the poor wants to be able to get what the rich can afford to make them feel as if they are at the same …show more content…
Corporations doing this are a way to keep themselves rich and create a bigger barrier between the rich and poor. The company’s competing with each other for more profit is the cause of the Monopoly effect. The monopoly effect is when the bourgeoisie and proletariats are competing with each other. This means that the poor are trying to live up to the rich expectations. The rich are always trying to outdo themselves that way the poor can never be at their level. This happens with companies that sell the same products. There are the big known companies sell products that are competing with smaller unknown companies. For example. In the text Rebel Cities, explains the wine trade to fall into the monopoly effect because the competition is at an international level. The wine companies are concern with their name brands because they want to be known so that more people can consume their product. This means that if their name brand is known their profits will increase as well because more people recognize the name and therefore end up buying what they assume is the better brand. The wine trade is an example of the monopoly effect because although the non-famous brands are not that known their quality is really good setting the competition high for all other top name

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