The Importance Of Capital Punishment: The Alternative Route

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Capital Punishment: The Alternative Route
“Even though I was innocent, death seemed very close to me, and my mind would light up with images of me being strapped to a gurney, the sound of poison coming from a machine and being pushed through my veins.”( The death penalty occurs in 31 states and it’s the process in which a person is executed due to a serious crime they have committed. There are five different methods of execution used, which include: lethal injection, lethal gas, electrocution, firing squad, and hanging. ( Capital Punishment demolishes an individual that has committed a serious crime, but as well it should be excluded due to the many factors that surround the reasoning; some factors included are the eighth
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Some agree while others disagree. To state, there is much speculation about it violating the eighth and fourteenth amendments. Chief Justice Earl Warren states “The [Eighth] Amendment must draw its meaning from the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.” Chief Warren by this means that the society itself is what’s changing therefore the eighth amendment should be viewed with a different perspective because as well the times have changed. On the contrary, the National Coalition Against the Death Penalty (NCADP) has stated “Painful, lengthy executions constitute violations of the 8th Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.” The eighth amendment does state that it “prohibits cruel and unusual punishments” so a person being executed would evidently fall into receiving a cruel or unusual punishment. Moving forward, the fourteenth amendment asserts that it forbids the states from denying any person “life, liberty or property, without due process law.” Justice Potter Stewart has claimed …show more content…
Even then there are people that believe that the price doesn’t matter, yet again there are others that believe that the investment into capital punishment is not worth the amount of money that is being included. Some say that the finances are well worth it since it’s putting a person that has committed a dangerous crime to death. Also, the fact that executing an “innocent person” is something that makes this process even more costly. Since there should be no innocent individual put on the death penalty the money invested should go higher due to the amount of trials and other procedures during the jurisdiction. Even so, there are many innocent people that have been executed with false information or in other words not so much information provided during the trial. For example the seventeen year old male that was innocent yet he was put in the death row, there must 've been an investment in money due to the fact that he needed to be proven innocent and even though he had evidential proof such as times and images he was still considered a criminal until finally a judge came to the conclusion that he was innocent. A person that is completely innocent should not have to go through fear of being executed for something that was never committed by them, yet alone the fact of being in prison waiting to see what it is that will eventually

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