The Importance Of Capital Budgets In A Healthcare Organization

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ating budget for an area of responsibility in a healthcare organization. Prepare a capital budget and determine what reduction would be acceptable to present to the leadership team if a reduction in the operating budget was requested.

The government and accrediting bodies have rules and regulations in place to protect the patients. There are rules and regulations that have been put in place for all providers when applying for privileges at a hospital. The reason there are rules and regulations, to ensure patients are receiving treatment from qualified and competent providers. There are many accrediting bodies as well as government agencies that provides rules, regulations, and guidelines to assist in the process
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If hospitals do not meet the requirements or COPs set by CMS, hospitals would struggle to keep their doors open as a large number of their patients are Medicare patients.
Protecting the Patients
As mentioned previously, the government and accrediting bodies have rules and regulations in place to protect the patients. Conditions of Participation are in place that pertain to the Medical Staff. Organizations are required to have a process in place to assure that the providers entering their facility are competent and qualified to be treating the patients. This is also known as the credentialing process. There are regulations and interpretive guidelines outlined for the medical staff, retrieved from §§ ,
” Interpretive Guidelines § 482.22(2) (a) There must be a mechanism established to examine credentials of individuals perspective members (new appointments or reappointments) by medical staff. The individual’s credentials to be examined must include at
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The American Medical Association (AMA), for a fee allows organizations to submit a query to obtain verification of completion of provider’s medical training, internship, residency, and fellowship for Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine and Physician Assistants. The AMA will also verifies board certifications, DEA’s, licensure as well as discrepancies reported. For those providers that the AMA does not provide verifications such as certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA’s) or Nurse Practitioners (NP’s) organiztions may query the National Student Clearing House to receive verification of training. The organization may send a letter with a signed consent and release directly to the facility in which training was completed to verify training, some may require a fee. If a provider is applying for a new privilege, the facility must obtain documentation that the provider is qualified and competent to perform the new privilege that was requested. A certificate of training is often provided to prove

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