Cancer Cells: A Short Story

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You said you’d grow old with me

December 11, 2015, cancer cells were found. Laying weak and aching my mom was unsure of what had happened to her. She was ill and no one knew what was wrong. Thirteen hundred miles away I was helpless and missing my momma’s arms more than ever. My eighteenth birthday was twelve days away and I couldn’t wait to be an adult. I didn’t plan on blowing my candles out and wishing for a cancer patient.

I could not wait to be 18 years old and legally use a tanning bed. In Texas laws prohibit minors to use a tanning bed. But in Pittsburgh, PA it’s perfectly legal. I had tanned a few times and loved the look of pretty brown skin. I grew up knowing my mom as a beautiful brunette with big brown eyes and olive skin. The
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She has stage 2 malignant melanoma. They claimed it was treatable by the right professional but she was sure that she’d make it out okay. My mom told me not to worry, although she spent nights anxious and unsure. My mom promised me to watch out for my sister, 4 years younger than I, it was then that I knew it was a deadly sickness that was life threatening. My little sister, Makenzie and I spent nights on distanced phone calls while she laid bed side clenching my mom’s weak hands. I was starting college the following month and was unsure if I even wanted to go. MY mom always went out of her way for me and I felt like it was my turn. She made it clear that I couldn’t put a hold on my dreams and aspirations just because she was sick. My sister and I are half, we come from different dads. Days passed I was lonely, in my little Stephenville, TX home as my sister spent hours on planes back and forth from Phoenix, AZ where her dad resided to Pittsburgh where my mom laid …show more content…
But I’m in school. I changed my major to nursing shortly after I met Arlena, a nurse that cared tremendously for my mom while she was in Pitt Regional. She has melanoma too and overcame it. She had a good head on her shoulders. On Sunday’s she’d read the bible to my mom and share a prayer. She told us that her family was hurting too when she was ill and that God healed their aching hearts. She said that anyone can overcome life obstacles if they’re strong. Arlene would joke with my mom by saying, “If you can raise two girls on your own, I’ll be damned if you don’t kick cancers ass.” I can still hear her voice say

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