The Importance Of Campus Education

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The last two main points that pursue the need of the increasing age of quitting schools are the participation needed in school and the campus environment. Both points not only provide amazing reasons for raising the age limit for drop outs but also give students a reason to stay in years of courses. Campus environment incorporates all the extra school activities, clubs and all the universities staff members. All factors play an important role that will help young adolescences to continue to attend school and enjoy the time spent in it. Participation is the involvement of all young students to support the need to appreciate the additional entertainment at school. Overall, schools might seem to be overwhelming or even just boring but with an excellent …show more content…
Most young adult base decisions on emotions, which can eventually creates sixteen year old giving up on school before identifying or reaching a full potential of knowledge. This emotion impact can lend both ways either positive by pushing scholars to success or negative by surrendering to a line of hard work. “When students do not have positive relationships with other students and staff members, they experience a lack of social capital, which is not only inversely linked to academic achievement but is directly related to dropout rates” (Roybal, Thornton, Usinger 478). There must be a positive campus environment and a valuable participation from both ends of the spectrum in order to maintain a high rate of students to include another year before quitting. Having students involved in extra school activities contributes to the desire to stay and accomplished high scores academically. If all institutions had involvement, surrounding assistances, available incentive programs, earning credits, divided classes, breaks from campus areas, and celebrations, would help maintain a high population in courses and a decrease in dropout

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