Netflix Addiction Essay

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What did you choose? And why?
My addiction, I chose to give up for two weeks is watching cable and Netflix. The reason why I decided to give up cable and Netflix is because I have become very addicted to my shows. I would say, I’m more addicted to Netflix than I am to cable television. I figured I had to give up both since they are both similar. What I love about Netflix is I can sit there for hours and watch uninterrupted episode after episode. On cable I can digitally video record my shows. (DVR) That’s the greatest part of having cable, you can record all your shows so you never miss an episode and can skip all the boring commercials.
What feelings came up for you during the period of abstinence?
The feelings that came up was that I thought
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The San Francisco Forty-Niners game was on television that night at bowling. There are televisions all over the bowling alley pretty much everywhere you look. There was a television was right next to my set of lanes. I could not resist my urge to watch the game. Everyone in the league was watching the game. All the forty-niner haters were watching and hating on the game. Eventually I just couldn’t stand it and had to watch. Well, I wish I had never relapsed, because I watched my team lose to the New York Giants. After my relapse, I felt bad and was very disappointed in myself. I worked so hard to not relapse, but I did anyway. When I relapsed, I had negative emotions, and social pressure, which are high risk situations that affected me to relapse. “Risky situations include times, situations, people, places, and things that brought on the urge to use and set up past relapses” (Myers & Salt, 2013). My risky situation was being at the bowling alley with all my friends and all the televisions around …show more content…
I have never been addicted to any kinds of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or even prescription medications. I know plenty of people who have been addicted to all those things. I have lost all my family members to lung cancer. I watched my grandfather die from it. I wondered to myself, that even with all these facts and people dying. How can people just continue to smoke cigarettes knowing it will kill them someday? Even as a little girl, I can remember learning about drugs and how cigarettes are bad for you. I would beg and plead my great-grandmother to quit smoking. I wanted her to live a long and healthy life, since she was one of the most important people in my life. Eventually, I was able to convince her to quit smoking. She was a smoker for 44 years and she was able to quit for me and then she eventually relapsed a few months later which devastated me. I have never been mad at my great-grandmother, so when I caught her smoking I got upset and said things out of anger that probably made her feel awful about relapsing. This experiment made me realize that I had very unrealistic ideas when it came to quitting an addictive substance. My great grandmother smoked cigarettes mostly her entire life. Now, looking back, I wish I wasn’t so harsh on her when she relapsed. This addiction experiment made me realize that I need to be more empathetic to people with substance abuse

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