The Importance Of CPR In Medical Shows

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Often seen in medical shows, like Grey’s Anatomy, CPR is a real lifesaving technique that saves many lives daily. Medical shows tend to be more glamorous and not as grounded as the realistic profession is. A common misconception with CPR and television is that a few minutes with CPR a patient is well. Anyone can learn this skill but television does not give the full functioning picture. This incredible skill is taught to many from lifeguards to a stay at home parent. The ability to learn CPR is critical; learning to read the situation to deliver proper techniques is essential.
When an unconscious person is laying on the ground, usually the first step is to check the surroundings near the person. This gives insight on to what may have happened to the person and if the area is safe enough to approach them. If the area is safe then it is important to wear gloves to minimize contact to body fluids. Next in the initial assessment, it is important to determine if the person is unconscious or dead to
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The administer interlaces their hands to place on the sternum (middle of chest) to then press into the rib cage. These compressions are at least 2 inches into the rib cage for 30 compressions at a rate of 110 beats a minute. Next the administer delivers two breaths. On T.V shows there are 20 people around to help with CPR when in reality one person is able to.
T.V. shows skip details and present care as entrainment. CPR is different on a child from an adult. The difference is that on a scenario that a child does have a pulse then artificial resuscitation is at a ratio of one breath every three seconds. In a scenario where compressions are needed then it is at a ratio of fifteen compressions followed by two breaths. There are many minor factors in CPR that can lead to a greater difference in saving a life that is overlooked on shows. CPR does not happen in an instant; it is controlled and happens in

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