CBM Reflective Essay

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This CBM in writing is intended to record and measure each student progress. Each student were pull-out of their classroom into a resource classroom to take the assessment individually. All three students are age 8 and 9 years old and are in third grade and all are in an inclusive classroom. The topic that was chosen for this writing CBM was, “What is your favorite food, why it is your favorite, and when it id become your favorite food”? This topic was chosen because the students were in elementary school in 3rd grade. The students were provided with line sheet of paper with the topic written on top of the paper. The students were informed that they will have one minutes to brainstorm on the topic. And when the minutes is up, they will stop …show more content…
The student who writes the most, shows how they are able to come up with ideas about the topic during the assessment. I decided to grade the assessment this way because it will show me how much each student can write per each minute. I am not particularly concern about the use of punctuation, spelling, and grammar. But more concern about how much they can write about a particular subject and how much vocabulary they have. Since all my students are in third grade they should be able to write up to 37 words per minutes. The topic I choice to do the assessment on was to gain the interest of each of the student and to get to know a bit about their lives. “Teachers can learn much from students by asking them about their interests and writing habits and discussing their attitude toward activities involving language. When students have interest in a particular topic or direct knowledge of and experience in a situation, they tend to be more willing and able to write fluent, descriptive, and readable pieces” (Spinelli, p. …show more content…
Her words per minutes was 90 on the first try, 95 on the second try, and 105 on the third try of the assessment. She improve on each of her brainstorming which allow her to be able to produce more vocabulary on each of the writing assessments. Student 3 took her time during the assessment because when her paper was reviewed, she had little misspelled words, her punctuations was in the correct place, and little grammar mistakes. Her writing was also neat, she stayed in line and within the margins of the sheet of paper that was provided to her.
I will administer all the writing CBM to each of the student. This will make my student feel comfortable and put much effort to the writing assessments. I plan to assess each student every month until the end of the school year as to track their progress throughout the school year. All the student CBMs assessments and performances with be kept in an portfolio folder and be able for access by students, parents, and other staff involved in the students’ progress and useful for developing IEP for each of the

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