The Importance Of Buying Goods And Services Essay

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Purchase Product:
Purchasing is the precise step of buying goods and services. A need has been generated, followed by likes, leading to interest, which creates top of mind awareness and the consumer has decided to make a purchase of the product. All the stages that lead to a conversion have been completed.

Product utilized: Nido 1+
Ideally, a healthy balanced diet could serve the nutritional requirements for young children aged 1 to 3 years. Nevertheless, at times it could be a tough job to get children to eat properly, which doesn’t guarantee if they get the vitamins and minerals they need. Nido 1+ was developed to match the needs of children between the ages 1 to 3 years old, and as a part of a mixed diet, it facilitates the precise nutritional needs that are vital for toddlers as they changeover from breast milk or infant formula to the family diet. It is beneficial as it provides:
• Appropriate height and weight
• Strong bones
• Healthy skin

A Mommy’s Sacrifice
This advertisement showcases the magic of a mother’s love unfolding, which is NIDO FORTINGROW’S love letter to #1MOMS Nido ranked highest in YouTube Ads for first half of 2016. Aside from headlining the brands that performed best over the past six months, this advertisement depicts what can be obtained through the creativity and potentiality of online videos. Nido’s ‘A mommy’s sacrifice ‘ an advertisement with a melting storyline perfectly…

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