The Importance Of Business Studies

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Business studies is concerned with the way in which companies operate and function, and studying a degree in this area will introduce students to all of the elements needed to run a business or organisation. The areas that students will gain understanding consist of; finance, administration and marketing.

What A Levels do I need?
In terms of UCAS tariff points, upper league table universities will ask for 400 points, whereas those below may ask for at least 250. Having A-levels in relevant areas such as finance, accounting or even business itself will aid student’s admission. Although students are recommended to check with their chosen universities and degree courses for accurate entry requirements.
What are my study options?
A degree in this
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What should I expect from studying Business?
Studying business is perfect for individuals who want to be successful within a company, or eventually run their own business or organisation. This area will give students all the information that they need to operate and successfully establish a company.
There is a balance between practical and theoretical learning with many universities having good relationships with local and global businesses alike, offering students opportunities to gain experience and within reach of great minds. Business degrees also use real-life examples so students can apply their learning effectively.
Business is a very broad subject area and this is reflected through the array of modules students are able to select during their studying. Candidates are able to tailor their degree by choosing modules which they are interested in and in turn, work towards individual career aspirations.
How will I be assessed?
Most degree courses will assess students through a combination of exams, coursework, presentations, essays, seminar performance and group and solo work. Exams are usually during January, May and June and at the end of each
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Business studies will provide students with analytical and critical thinking skills which they can implement after graduation. It will also allow students to learn techniques and formations that occur when running a business.
Studying at university will give students a number of transferrable skills that they can use later in life as well as the world of work including, time management, organisation, working towards a deadline and social skills when completing presentations and group work.
Why study Business?
A degree in business will be challenging but the rewards will be worth the effort as it has excellent employability prospects - all companies value graduates with working knowledge of business and finance.
Business graduates also tend to enter well-paying jobs once they finish their degree as well as a wide range of career choices. Business graduates also tend to find employment within six months of graduating.
Students will gain a deep understanding on how organisations function and accrue a broad set of skills such as leadership, teamwork, computing and financial awareness.
What happens after I

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