Cindy Crawford: Business Case Study

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Cindy Crawford is a graduating senior at Towson University, and is majoring in Business Management and minoring in Marketing. She is the captain of the volleyball team and a part of the Student Government Association. Cindy has completed all of her core course requirements except for one upper level management class. She decides to take Business Management 427, which is an online course taught by Professor Austin. Professor Austin has been teaching this course for five years. His previous students have said that he is a tough grader and very “by-the-book.” However, Cindy needs this course and thinks that she can pass the class.
On the first day of class, Professor Austin instructed his students to create an account via Edmodo. This online account will allow Cindy and the other students to access grades, assignments, messages, tests, and anything that is posted to the account’s wall. In order for the students to join the class, they must put in the access code associated with their section. After creating the account each student had to write on the wall explaining their reason for taking the class and their future ambitions. Cindy wrote
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She asked one of her teammate, who was also enrolled in Professor Austin’s business management 427 course, for her login to her section, which meets the day before her class meets. She uses this account to have access to the answers to graded assignments before the professor assigns them to her class. Cindy often questioned if she should continue using her teammates account in fear of getting caught, but she was assured by her friends that she wouldn’t. Also, Cindy knew that if she didn’t continue, she wouldn’t graduate and the risk was worth the outcome. Cindy also rationalized her cheating as necessary because Professor Austin wouldn’t help her improve her grade by allowing extra credit as well as not answering her emails

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