The Importance Of Business In South Africa

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Through our international business studies thus far, we’ve learned when a company does business or expands their business into another country, it’s crucial to do as much homework as possible to discover any and all information about that new country. Among the important information to take into consideration are things like culture, history, politics and geography of that new country. In our past assignments, we specifically explored the potential of a U.S. company going into business in South Africa and into the wine industry. Perhaps the most important things to keep in mind when doing business in South Africa are the culture, language difference and communication styles of the country in contrast to the U.S. Communication can directly …show more content…
This creates quite a challenge when managing a working group of people that could practice or adopt any combination of these attributes. In order to be successful at managing projects, it’s critical to be good with listening and verbalization skills, experience with different geographic locations where workers are spread and be competent in the virtual technology that it takes to stay involved with projects and communication related to those …show more content…
It’s hard to understand other cultures when you’ve not been exposed to them before. Because the mining industry is so spread out, that makes it increasingly difficult to communicate when workers are not in the same locations at the same times. And perhaps they are never in the same locations at the same times and never meet each other. A digital solution is definitely a must when it comes to issues like those in South Africa and the mining industry.
Some of the same communication issues may be present or arise in the wine business in South Africa because of the difference in geographic locations where the grapes are grown, where the wine is manufactured and where the business management takes place. One way to handle this would be to hire managers in that area who are familiar with the cultures and languages in that location. This would help to reduce the chances for miscommunications and would create a better working environment because of the familiarity with the people and

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