Personal Narrative: Bullying

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“It's like I don't go here like I disappeared. Like I went from a lover to a loser again, Like I don't belong, or nothing that I worked so hard forever happened. It’s like I faded into the light without any recognition. It’s like I never existed.” I wrote in my diary almost passing out from exhaustion. I wasn't lying though I was the most bullied person in my school for absolutely no reason, I’m surprised they see that I exist.
I wake up in the morning and go through the same routine, wake up and roll myself out of bed, walk my dog, come back brush my teeth then take a shower, get dressed while listening to my favorite song in the world “Teenage Dream” by. Katy Perry, run downstairs, eat breakfast, and purposely miss my bus so that my mom had to drive me to school since it was a 40-minute walk. My mom got in the car and nagged me about the same thing every day “You wake up at 6 am why does it take you an hour to get ready?” She didn't realize that I was getting bullied, but I never nagged her back because I knew I would get in trouble. I never liked that bus since I was a kid. It was just too big for me, and there were too many bullies for me to handle. I wanted to get homeschooled since I was 5… that's when the bullying started.
I got to school, and instantly I wanted to turn back, everyone looked at me and instantly laughed when they saw me. I
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It startled me because I was physically in the class just not mentally, I just kept thinking once I got to chemistry… here we go with the bullying. I walked right back into the hall of shame, wanting to cry because there was no point in people bullying me. I walked down the hall when I heard “BIG MOUTH… HEY, YOU BIG MOUTH,” I didn't think much of it because people don't talk to me, so I didn't care to think they were calling me. I was about 2 steps away from getting into my chem class until a girl ran up to me with about 4 other people behind her. Her name was Sasha… she was 5’4” with an attitude of

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