Homeroom Teacher

This chapter expounds on the fact that as you know I was bullied and ridiculed as a youngster. E was teased and humiliated daily because he didn't wear the latest gear or fresh kicks and it got much worse during my middle school days. How a brother supposed to get a girlfriend wearing Spud Mackenzie's? Have you ever even heard of them? I looked like the Kmart special at a barbecue in West Philly. A straight clown is street terms. Don’t be cheap with your kids. It will never work.

In the summer of 1985 or 1986, our neighbor Ra, two doors down, brought one of her cousins up from South Carolina for a few weeks. This girl was fly to the bone. Her physique was slim, had beautiful lips, good grain of long hair and some poppy cute eyes. Everybody
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Ms. P was as hard as you can get for a teacher especially when it came to giving us schoolwork. There were a few instances when she smiled, but none are memorable. She was definitely a good teacher just strict as if she was in law enforcement. LOL. She gave us project after project to do. Every week or two, we had a project or book report to do. I'd spent countless hours in the evenings working on these projects. Our book reports were at least 3-5 pages long and you had to draw an illustration for its cover. One classmate named JK was talented at drawing anything. He'd draw action figures, cartoon images and movie characters easily. This boy was really talented. His boy Dee was cool even though he used to bother me sometimes. A lot of the white guys in our school were suffering from acne, so the Blacks would have a ball joking on them. They'd joke back getting red in the face. At lunchtime, we all came together to play baseball, basketball, soccer, Chink, King Ball, and Wall Ball. The girls would jump rope, play jacks or chatting away. You wouldn't find the boys playing with the girls or vice versa during these times except maybe at gym. A girl named Neeq would run ball when we were on the court playing. She went on to play in the WNBA after going to Howard University. When we played ball, I was responsible for posting her up because we were close in height. We called her Oak when she hit a shot. She had …show more content…
I could have been the tallest guy in class. At school, you would sometimes find friction between the teachers and students. The teacher didn’t have the time for students mouthing off and being disrespectful in class. As for me, I was highly respectful of the teachers and made sure I handed in my work on time. Dad’s leather belt was no joke.

You may ask what was your social life like? Well, I didn't have a girlfriend. My video games and neighbors were my closest companions. I was a video game geek and completed many of the console games easily. Castlevania was my favorite. I think that I completed the whole series on Nintendo. There was no option but to play in on that black and white TV in my room. The screen looked like it was in color. LOL. I got my first color TV a few years later.

A few months later, Ms. Bee brought a new dog home named Bubble Gum. She was shedding hair all over the place. White hairs covered the couch and our clothes, however, she was the type of dog who could just fit in with your family. Bubble Gum had an attitude. Once she got to know you, she'd leave u alone. One time, Bubble Gum had a stomach virus. Things were coming up pooped on left and right. That smell made you want to vomit. Moms took her to the vet and she got better over

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