Building Positive Relationships In Schools

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Week 6 Task: Building Positive Relationships
Humans are social creatures, therefore meaning we need to be social through our relationships with others in order to learn. According to O’Donnell et al. (2016),
“relationships are the basis for social development and each student who enters the school brings a unique history of cultural values and relationship models”.
Relationships are how students learn, through the competency to make friends evidently building them up for academic success. Positive relationships have the ability to set students up for academic success throughout their schooling. As an educator, the teacher’s focus should be on how to encourage positive relationships.
The first key to any relationship is to develop it. In order to have a positive relationship with any student, and to encourage them, first, we need to establish the initial relationship. For that relationship to be positive, an educator must adhere to the needs of any normal student. All children will have varying degrees of needs, meaning more application of the educator may be needed with the “trouble” children. The following can develop a relationship with a student:
• Interacting with students in a pleasant matter will convey that the educators care and value them.
• Show pleasure and enjoyment with students will demonstrate
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The idea is that the students will collaborate and solve the problem together as a group. The Community Child Care Association (2004) suggests that, by doing this, students have the opportunity to realise that working together to complete any task is sometimes better than doing it individually. Ultimately meaning, that there is a need to have a good relationship with classmates, so as not to hinder the work that comes out of the group collaboration. Demonstrating this by placing the educator in a group for an activity will reinforce positive relationships to the

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