The Importance Of Border Security In The United States

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The United States is a nation of immigrants, which represents a controversial issue in the United States and the world. Benjamin Franklin in the eighteenth century overwrought by myriad German immigrants would vanquish the influence of the British in the country. Irish immigrants in the nineteenth century were abhorred as sluggish alcoholic. In the twenty-first century, similar consternation is conducted against Latin American immigrants, which an extensive majority of the immigrant population is deported each year. The most predominant Latin American immigration country influence is Mexico. The country shares a border with strains and disagreements with the United States, which can be displayed in the deficiency of support for tactical planning and negotiations …show more content…
This situation has been a product of the limitations of the United States drug policy towards the border, the absence of Effective bilateral cooperation to eradicate such problems, arms trafficking to Mexico, and Mexico 's disjointed intergovernmental management actions against insecurity. The increase in border violence since the end of 2008 has led to the current priority problems in the border agenda being insecurity, violence and organized crime in the region.
The creation of a legal channel for the workers ' movement along the US-Mexican border would increase US national security. A system that allows Mexican workers to enter legally would free thousands of government workers and save billions a year-resources that would be available to combat terrorism. Such a system should include a new temporary work visa that allows Mexican workers to legally and for a defined period enter the US labor market, as well as to facilitate undocumented workers already in the United States gaining legal status based on the years worked and other productive

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