The Importance Of Bond Of Friendship For Social Development Essay

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There 's not a single human who can live by himself in this world. No one can survive and overcome the barriers in his way without experience, knowledge and the need to another human being 's support. People have a great need to that bond of friendship for their social development as well as succeed in creating a greater version of themselves. Once a person is aware of the reality and becomes conscious of what life has for him coming ahead, he is obliged to carry on the responsibilities and pressures in order to survive and succeed. Also, that person gets to have many pathways towards the future, either a good pathway or a bad one, which are already built and it becomes his choice as to which pathway to decide on going through. But along that journey, this person has to meet with other people and interact with them. It is just the natural human need to create that particular and significant bond with other people what induces them to proceed through life without giving up, or what can be used as a way to escape from reality which is where everything becomes negative. Margret Atwood 's novel, Oryx and Crake, contains friendship stories that can be used to demonstrate and confirm changes followed by friendships in an individual 's characteristics. Each friendship is a key into a new world that affect the person causing changes in the person 's life and personality either positively or negatively, and by observing the friendships in the novel, Oryx and Crake, few new worlds…

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