The Importance Of Body Language

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How many times have you heard the term “actions speak louder than words?” It is true, language has always been of great importance among humans, but often at times we communicate without using words. Body language has been long recognized as an important part of communication. Our nonverbal communication has a greater importance than spoken language. More than voice or even words, body language indicates to you what is on another person’s mind. The single most powerful form of communication is body language.
Does it matter if we use body language? Why are we using it? Why is body language important to our lives? Body language is an easier way of expressing feelings then spoken language but it is a powerful language that allows us to
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We often give away our true feelings through body language but one is not aware of their own body language. It is more easy to discern but other kinds of body language are not so easy to understand. The use of body language has been seen in a wide variety of fields like the law enforcement, they use body language as a tool to determine if someone is telling the truth. We even use it in our everyday conversations that we have, yet most people do not realize what they are saying about themselves. How can you interpret body language? You can interpret this language by looking for cues like crying, expressions or embarrassment, looking for signs of anxiety or anger, evaluating eye contacts, evaluating gestures and postures, and by watching for certain facial expressions. Also you can interpret body language by watching how and when someone touches you. We use this by prepping with a power pose, dialing up our energy, and talking more with our …show more content…
From this we can work out whether a person is being honest, is lying or is feeling happy, sad and ect., or is full of contempt for something. When we are trying to read body language, we need to make sure that understanding this language is a complex task. When someone is trying read the body language of another person, we should remember to consider each and every individuals differences. The more we know about someone's movements, we understand their inner feelings more. As a result, many people believe that messages are being conveyed by different body signals, particularly emotional states and attitudes to oneself and

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