The Importance Of Blogs

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In the fast paced 24/7 news cycle that people live in today, Internet news sources are at the pinnacle of their existence. Social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, to filtered news apps set to create a consumer’s single base of knowledge to solidify a viewpoint are used to spread mass media with an unlimited reach. There is another heavyweight contender of news sources on the World Wide Web, and it is called a blog. A blog is an Internet web page that is typically run by an individual or small group that reports on a set of news topics specific to a target audience. Blogs are written in an informal and conversational tone while maintaining credibility. Creating a blog can take as little as an hour to be up and running; however, …show more content…
The content must be produced for the consumer; the content has to be something that will continue to draw in readers and establish a following. When writing articles for a successful blog, it is dire that writers must use an objective and credible tone to speak to their readers since a blog is an ideal location to encourage discussion. “Focus on your writing. Because blogs live or die by the written word, develop a strong voice that expresses your brand through your blog entries” (Yoder 241). The voice of a blog will also set its tone for the entirety of readers. Writing in first person, bloggers should continue to target their audience’s preferential news filters to keep them coming back to the website by appealing to their personal interests. Once a blog’s audience has the news source they want they will read and share appealing articles on other websites to further the blog’s discussion and increase the popularity of the web …show more content…
Marketing effectively on the Internet begins with having a catchy name and URL to grasp the consumer’s attention and not releasing it. The next strategy to increase the traffic to a website is to use key words that will be found quickly in search engines. The strategy of using frequent search words works by using the key words on the web page itself, in the article titles, and in the articles themselves. Submitting the blog URL link to blog search engines the web page will be found easier as well. Web browsers will begin to detect your blog more frequently, and it needs to have the ability to share on social networking sites. “To generate a lot of traffic, my firm syndicates its blog to sites like Facebook and Twitter” (Sansevieri 27). Networking platforms have the ability to advertise a blog and allow users to discuss the articles and your website. Moreover, social networks support blogs by establishing a massive following for

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