The Importance Of Blind Obedience To Authority

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Register to read the introduction… For instance in Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford prison experiment things spiraled out of control. “Our mock prison represented and attempt to simulate the psychological state of imprisonment” ( Zimbardo 12). However, his experiment went much further than just “an in-depth analysis of a prison situation” ( Zimbardo 12). Zimbardo later states that the “authoritan situation became a serious matter for the prisoners; it became even more serious and sinister for the guards” (35). “Everyone and everything in the prison was defined by power”, yet this was a mock prison ( Zimbardo 36). The lack of clear disobedience to authority needed, resulted in this being one of the most controversial experiments of our time, leaving behind an example of blind obedience and negative results. …show more content…
Your response to authority, whether to obey or disobey, should be based on how it affects your rights and the rights of those around you. Authority should be in your life to create a better environment for you, and not hinder your rights. Just keep one thing in mind, “ones who strike out on their own path tend to continue on, while the ones who choose compliance are unable to free themselves” (Asch 15). Do not be afraid to be the one who stands up against dangerous authority, I’m sure many others will thank

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