Birth Order And Personality

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Personality is often defined as consisted behavior patterns or qualities that make a person who they are (Beaver, 4). Many researchers believe our birth order can play a significant role in helping to develop our personality traits. Alder believes our birth order helps shape our personality (Beaver,121). Alder proposed that the first few years of our lives are how our personalities are formed. Research done by Alfred Alder and Frank Sulloway have shown a significant correlation between birth order and the development of a child’s personality. Topic: Birth Order
Thesis Statement: Our personality is made up of qualities and behaviors that make us unique from one another. Researchers around the world have done extensive studies to prove a correlation
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The last-borns typically receive all the attention from their parents and often get away with everything. Alder believes this type of special treatment will cause the child to have issues down the road (Burger, 121). Parents that pamper their children all the time deprive their children of independence. They often take no initiative to get things done because everything is handed to them. Alder believed the last-borns typically have inferiority feelings because everyone in their immediate environment is older and stronger (Burger, 122). Alder believed the middle child is more optimistic and often shows a strong sense of superiority (Burger, 121). The middle child often feels like they don't get enough attention from their parents. The middle child often feels as if no one pays attention to them. Alder describes the middle child as being the highest achiever but will spend a lifetime trying to catch up with their older siblings (Burger,121).
2nd Main Point: That Serves to Prove Your Thesis: Frank Sulloway theory
• 1st piece of research That Supports this Main Point (citation) “Sulloway proposed children in human families compete for parental resources by creating distinctive niches” (Jefferson, 1). o How does this article support this main point (key ideas) According to Sulloway, there are five distinct personality traits that are affected by our birth order. Sulloway believes our birth order strongly influences our personality traits. Each child feels the need to create different personality traits to gain the favored status within the

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