The Importance Of Biomes

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In these labs we explored water quality and contamination. Quality water means that any chemical that is affected in water. As a result, ecologists use the concept of a biome to classify large areas of the planet into a small number of similar units. Biomes include both terrestrial (land-based) and aquatic (in water) communities. Turk, J., & Bensel, T. (2014). Some land base biomes are form when climate change. Land-based biomes are shaped largely by their climates. The most important climatic factors are latitude and humidity (total precipitation, seasonal rainfall patterns, ambient moisture); sometimes elevation is important also. Cross-cutting these climatic factors—though influenced by them—are such features as terrain, soil type and …show more content…
Precipitation takes place when the evaporated water comes back as rain. Infiltration took place when the water occupied all the space between the sand particles .We compare the advantages and disadvantages of household actions on individual carbon footprints. The human population relays on the long term relationship of the environmental among humans. As we explore the carbon foot print, I find what my carbon foot print was about my life style. Technology has advancement in agricultural that can be Identified and summarize when it is examined water quality and contaminants in the environment through laboratory experimentation. Some alternative to oil production we explored in labs was base on quality and Contamination and the reason that oil should not be added to the drinking water because it can have some harmful effect on humans in different ways .When oil spills on land, it destroys the soil by choking out the air and killing the living things that make soil healthy . The oil covers the skin and blocks air from getting in. Toxins from the oil also enter the body through the skin, causing illness. The experiment with vinegar in water had some good benefits for human consumption. For example it is used in foods for health

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