The Importance Of Belief In Science And Religion

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Over the past few years I have struggled to figure out what my own religious value system was built upon. Particularly during the past four years at Bradley University, I have become more intrigued with discovering my spirituality. In order to build my ethos in this discussion I am obligated to address issues and make decisions that I have avoided for so long, but I believe that this process will ultimately be beneficial to both my audience and myself.
Picking whether I believe in science or religion as my way of knowing is what makes this process most difficult. I do not know much about either the Bible or any scientific journal to disagree, agree, or base all of my reasoning with either. I believe that God made all psychologist, biologist, and geneticists and is responsible for their enlightenment. Science continuosly advances and allows us to explain events that others did not have the resources to in the past. But, now we have to think beyond simplistic explanations for spiritual enlightenment so that our progress is not stagnant. Just
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He views God as universal and colorless and Jesus as a force that can liberate blacks. He believes that just like blacks in oppressive communities, Jesus Christ was apart of an oppressive Jewish community and therefore understands them. Morally Cone represents black theologians who pursue progress for issues like black suffering. He speaks of a “black” Christ in such a manner to say that being labeled as “black” means that you have put your heart, soul, and mind with the oppressed. Those labeled as “white” do not feel morally obligated to support the oppress or those who remain neutral throughout the situation. He would like for humans to improve our society so that we are not intertwining but instead accepting of one another. Christians must reach for an ultimate goal of liberation and

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